Boston Women’s March


Speeches began at Boston Common.


People leave their signs behind.


Chanting in the streets.


The majority of signs displayed positive messages, but there were a few that didn’t.


Latin at the march! De facto motto of the USA: “E pluribus unum,” one out of many.


“Girls just wanna have fun-damental rights.”

“Pussy grabs back!”

“Can’t build a wall with hands that small!”

“Make America kind again.”

“Fight like a girl!”

“My body, my choice!”

“This is what happens when you piss off nasty women.”

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined.”

“Keep your laws off my body!”

“Women are people.”





A text message:

“Hey! It’s Friday! And it’s Inauguration Day! I will celebrate but guess you won’t. Have a great day! Love you……”

– A Member of My Family

Today I feel:


s t r e s s e d



Shocked, in that I-knew-it-before-but-here-it-is-again way.

“alter in ambiguo est an sit comprensus”

I am just like this “other, in ambiguity as to whether it is caught”.

Caught by what? Nerves? Sleep-deprivation? The talons of some havoc-wreaking English teacher?

By my own breath.

Inauguration Day, 2017.


on the sidewalk a heart pumps oxygen

and legs pump spirit

tearing at the soil

aggravating with worn rubber soles and the force

of a body in motion.

birds lumber by

lackluster battery-eyes leering

their wings cling closely –

frosted over by the cold

they wait – stationary, for the lights

and the sun grows heavier on the bruised skyline.

bliss crows

as she soars by

burning up the cement with her legs.

her filmy-eyed spectators gawk

at her freedom.

and each feels it pass them fleetingly

before it tails her around a corner

and fades from their view.

her feet bite the earth,

spitting gravel

snarled mane trailing behind her.

she streaks by the fowl in the road,

their dull eyes twitching,

engines faltering.

watching the lights,

watching the signs.

the birds confine themselves to the road,

letting the lights make up their minds for them.

She has no lights

just a world

with roads

and legs



Winter Wonderland

Yep…it’s definitely not winter. At least it doesn’t look like it. No picturesque cozy town…no trees sprinkled (yes: sprinkled) with snow…certainly no hills calling to little kids and the cheap, hurt-your-butt-going-down sleds.

Everything is green here. Green! And it’s January.

So, to distract myself from the absolute pathetic state of this Massachusetts winter, I’ve been painting what I would really like to see going on.

Sometimes there’s no other way to describe it besides stressful. I’m not in any way trying to emanate Rembrandt, but I don’t want to lump in my canvas with the finger paintings of my toddler self. But, if there’s music on to pump me up, and it’s a really good playlist, then painting becomes such a great stress-reliever. And then, you know, you get kind of proud of it…

Ex: My bird is so cute!!!!!!! (Seriously, look at it up there ^)

Arts and crafts help me more than physical activity. Sure, I do really like running or cleaning my room, which I know is beyond strange to a great many out there, but that only releases the stress of feeling like a cramped, unfit hermit drowning in laundry. Creativity makes me imagine.

Today, holding my paint brush, I was successfully  out of college. I didn’t get as far as thinking about what job I had, but I did create a new mindset where everything that is so important right now (id est: grades, standardized testing, other vomit equally as unfortunate) didn’t matter at all.

Thinking about my life where college doesn’t matter anymore is as bizarre as thinking about the Earth with no nighttime, or people with rainbow skin, or a secret hotel hidden in the core of the planet. It is also fantastic.

Because I’m hypoglycemic and a little crazy right now (I used exclamation points in a row just a few minutes ago), I might as well just wrap this up.

Goal for the next few months: continue with creative endeavors, those which give me an alter ego that is, fantastically, still me!

Painting is not scary. Go to The Paint Bar and you will understand.


With an extra day to spare

I was sick a few weeks ago…and I took that special Monday off as an excuse to escape a Math test and prepare for a Spanish test the following day. It was really Saturday, not Monday, that was the worst, the kind of wake-up-first-thing-with-a-scratchy-throat morning where you just know what’s going to follow in the next couple of days. For me, what followed was mild coughs, sneezes, and the fruitless blowing of my nose.

While I maybe didn’t deserve the extra day that I tacked onto my weekend, I accomplished something for each of those three days. One was the inevitable irritated skin around my nose. Yep, from my tissue use. The second – and just as predictable product of my weekend – was homework. That math test? Studied for it. The Spanish one? Chapter three of Don Quijote has been conquered. Amidst traveling from couch to kitchen for Theraflu tea, hiding tissues (for my mom to later find), and tossing probability questions on the floor in disgust, I accomplished something worthwhile. 

The pictures I posted along with this should have been a hint, but if for some reason they were too subtle (how???), they are the last thing that I did during the weekend!

My mom’s boyfriend, who had been staying with us for a few weeks, bought a kit to make miniature gingerbread houses for me and my sister. I think anyone would spend their next couple hours as I did…

In my sleep-deprived, congested state, making the gingerbread village was the preferable option over doing homework. And I did spend hours. There is something incredibly satisfying about making something! I “built” six houses in all: two A-frame, three normal (excuse lack of knowledge about architectural terms) homes, and one slightly different one. The picture on the top left shows all of the houses lined up next to each other. You can see I couldn’t stop at just the houses…they had to have paths and driveways too. I even used the large green leaves included in the packaging. I cut off the bottoms and glued them to the cardboard surface with icing.

The other pictures show what happened to the houses after a few weeks of sitting around, receiving admiration and praise* from house callers. Eventually, gingerbread becomes harder…and harder…and cats accidentally break them…and other things need the space that they take up…and they end up outside. I wish I had a picture of the squirrel that peeled my icing driveway off and buried it in the ground a few feet away, but these ones will have to do instead. After about an hour, only cardboard was left.

This was the best thing I could have possibly done while sick! Or even if I hadn’t been sick! The pure satisfaction I got from sticking sprinkles to a cookie house surprised even me.

I will 100% do this again. I just need someone to cough on me and get it all started…


*This is an exaggeration. 🙂